Division Perceptions Survey

Your Voice Matters!

We received nearly 300 respondents to the 2014-2015 Division Perceptions Survey. At long last, the results are in!

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Individual Question Responses with Demographic Data:
1. Character & Identity of Division
2. Opinion of New Construction on Division
3. Important Street Elements
4. Positive_Negative Feelings About Recent Division Development
5. Desired Type of Development
6. Meaningful Areas
7. Special Buildings
8. Design Preferences for Future Mixed Use Development – including, size, scale, style, materials, etc.
9. Strategies for Involving the Community
10. Vision for the Future of Division
11. Survey Comments_Feedback
12. Demographics of Survey Participants

To learn more about how the Division Design Initiative is responding to the key concerns and community priorities we’ve heard in the Division Perception Survey, in public meetings and events, and throughout the course of the Division Design Project, please view our Policy Recommendations and presentations.

The time is now to have your voice heard…Tell the City and your Neighborhood Association if you want them to take action, endorse our Top 10 Policy Recommendations, or make your own suggestions.

About the Survey
The Division Perceptions survey was developed by a PSU student in the Spring of 2014 for a community involvement class. Since the survey was never intended to be a statistical sample, it can only represent those in the survey pool. That said, the survey does represents a diverse array of southeast and Division area residents, business owners, occupations, ages and opinions.  It provides some key insights into community feelings about the recent redevelopment of Division, opinions and concerns, special places and buildings, desires and vision for the future that are strongly felt with some significant trends that are worthy of note as the draft 20-year Comprehensive Plan for growth goes forward to City Council in Mid-November.

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