Division Design Committee

A inter-neighborhood Division Design Committee (DDC) was formed in the Spring of 2014 with leaders from key  organizations in the inner SE Division community. Members include elected and appointed representatives from from more than six different neighborhood organizations including RNA, HAND, DCBA, SE Uplift, STNA, and Sustainable Southeast. Building on the work of the Division Vision Coalition and the Division Main Street/Green Street Plan, this Division Design Committee  meets monthly to engage the community around issues of design and how neighborhood’s can help improve the process for more timely review and meaningful input on proposed new infill development along Division Street. Please join us at these public meetings!

Key efforts of the Design Committee:

Since inception in Spring 2014, Division Design Committee members have worked collaboratively to engage the community in public forums, design walking tours, community surveys and special studies, public art, and development of initial design guidelines and policy recommendations for how we can grow our neighborhood over time in a way that supports economic development, as well as quality and compact infill design with sensitivity to existing context and character.

Primary goals are to:

1) help make recommendations for how to address recent community design issues and concerns (visit our design guidelines page to find out more)

2) to make further recommendations for further implementation of the Division Green Street/Main Street Plan

About the Division Design Initiative

The Division Design Committee is the implementing committee of the Division Design Initiative (DDI), a community grassroots project to help give a greater voice in the future of design, planning and evolution of Division Street. This work began in December 2013 with the unanimous authorization by the Richmond Neighborhood Association to form an inter-neighborhood committee to a) respond to community design issues and concerns and to b) make further recommendations for implementation of the Division Green Street/Main Street Plan.

The Division Design Initiative maintains a Design Committee of elected and appointed members representing seven neighborhood and business associations including the Richmond Neighborhood Association, Hosford, Abernethey Association, Mount Tabor, South Tabor, Southeast Uplift, Sustainable Southeast, and the Division Clinton Business Association. The boundaries of the project are the existing Division Green Street/Main Street Plan extents which span Division Street from 11th through 60th Street.

How much effort has been put into the Division Design Initiative

  • Extensive Community Engagement & Research: Listening to the community over 18 Division Design Committee meetings open to the public to discuss community goals and design priorities; through surveys, tabulating results and priorities and translating into DDI documents. The DDI has held large public events to map community priorities, organized public forums on infill and managing growth, and walking tours to engage neighbors and get feedback. In May 2015 the DDI also held a stakeholder workshop with City planning staff, City Bureau of Housing, neighborhood and business association leaders, affordable housing buildings, Division property owners, architecture and real estate professionals, local developers, and building efficiency nonprofits to discuss strategies to address affordable, green and adaptive reuse.
  • Development of Tools including a Working Draft of Division Design Guidelines + Draft Toolkit for Neighborhood Design: DDI products are intended to guide policy makers, developers, and give the community specific tools, strategies and, importantly, language that allows them to describe the issues and be constructively involved in the ongoing discussions about development on Division.
  • Policy Recommendations: DDI work has not only clearly identified the issues, but most importantly, has proposed solutions, through Design Guidelines and now a Policy Framework including:
  1. Community Notification & Engagement Recommendations (suppported by RNA, DCBA, HAND, HBBA, Laurelhurst NA, and others)
  2. Top Ten Policy Recommendations – Community-wide application (Endorsement of all 10 received by the Division Clinton Business Association, Hosford Abernethey Neighborhood District, and the Hawthorne Area Business Association.
  3. Comprehensive Plan Recommendations
  4. Mixed Use Zoning Recommendations- City-wide and specific to Division
  5. Division Perception Survey

These recommendations for additional clear and objective development standards improve upon Portland’s current system by establishing a finer level of control over shape and size of buildings and are tailored, in a sensible way, to the context of main street environments like Division.

We encourage you to consider the concerns, goals and pro-active solutions presented by the Division Design Committee, as they highlight important policy opportunities to grow into a more compact, livable city through innovative design that is both dense and sensitive to community context.

Want to be notified about upcoming meetings? Email ilovedivision@gmail.com and ask to be added to our notice list!

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