Community Input


What is your vision for the future of Division? We want to know!

How can you give input?

  1. Share our support our work. WTop 10 Policy Recs for PDX_Page_1e encourage community members to pass on our recommendations to their neighborhood or business association and consider supporting these in a letter to the City Council regarding the current 2035 update to the Comprehensive Plan. The time is NOW as this plan will impact Portland’s next 20 years of growth – will it continue as recently seen or will it be more sustainable and perhaps blend better with the context of our neighborhoods? Your input is needed…View our Top Ten Policy Recommendations for the City of Portland.
  2. Attend a Division Design Initiative meeting or event – We’ve held workshops and education panels, walking tours, street fairs, and held monthly meetings with our design committee to develop Division design guidelines. Sign up to our notice list to find out about upcoming events.
  3. View our Policy Blog to learn more about advocacy on key issues.
  4. Talk to us! Email us at

Learn about our Community Input Work  Bollywood Suggestion BoxHF

  • An Improved Community Notification & Input Policy – view the RNA Notification & Community Engagement Policy – FINAL  (a similar version was endorsed or adopted by STNA, DCBA, HAND, DDC, LNA, SEUL, and other community orgs) – share with your neighborhood and if you support these recommendations, write a letter to the City Council to support them and ask for these to be integrated into new Community Involvement policies.
  • PSU Division Perceptions Survey – (Spring 2014-2015) Thank you to the 300 respondents who took the PSU Division Perceptions Survey! Survey is now closed – View the results!
  • “Envision Division” Suggestion Boxes (Fall 2014- Summer 2015)
    Thank you community members! We received close to 450 responses to the Architecture for Humanity Envision Division Suggestion Boxes! We have almost all of these paper cards tabulated & analyzed and will be sharing these soon! View Art Installations Walking Tour Map of suggestion box art installations + new Division Street public art.

About the Envision Division Suggestion Boxes –  Art Installation Seriesunicycle suggestion box at New Seasons

These art installations were developed in partnership with Architecture for Humanity  and are being used to gather community input for Division. The online survey has been great for reaching some members of the community but we wanted to make sure we also reached the community that walks, shops, dines, works, and lives along or near Division first hand. The hope is that similar installations might be available to other Portland neighborhoods and business districts to use to gather similar input for their area. Want to do a similar project in your neighborhood? Let us know!

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This Art & Input Project Brought to You By:
Division Design Initiative
Architecture for Humanity

2 thoughts on “Community Input

  1. I am trying to find out if there are plans for Division past 60th…maybe start at 82nd and move backwards…
    You’ve done an amazing job on the lower end but not we need attention up this way! Thanks for all you’ve already done and now…and I think you’ve had the same request from my South Tabor Neighborhood Association! Julie Romberg

    1. Hi Julie,
      Good questions and thanks for your note. I will forward to Marty Stockton at the City. She is your SE Neighborhood Liason and a good person to assist.

      Thanks to South Tabor NEighborhood Association for approval of the draft Division Design Guidelines, they go next to HAND on the 19th and MTNA for review on the 20th then we hope to RNA and DCBA in August.

      Best regards,
      Heather Flint Chatto

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