The Division Design Initiative was developed in response to community concerns over recent development impacts experienced throughout Portland neighborhoods. Division in particular has experienced significant change in character and scale in a very short time with at least eight large new construction projects built between 2014-2016 and another eight more in progress.  Community members have asked how they can have more design input and this initiative is one approach to creating conversations and tools for how to address design in a growing community and still protect our urban growth boundaries. Want to learn more? Here are a few of our community advocacy efforts:

Division Design Guidelines – Updated Draft is out for community review and adoption!

Top 10 Policy Recommendations for Portland – Endorsed by many neighborhoods

An Improved Community Notification & Input Policy – view the Adopted RNA Development Notification & Community  Engagement Policy

Advocacy & Engagement Overview – Read our Division Design Initiative Final Grant Report to SEUL. This includes a nice short summary of our 2013-2015 efforts, activities, challenges/successes, and ways the SEUL small neighborhood grant helped our grassroots education, design and planning project.

Visit out Policy Blog to learn more about some of policy advocacy work we have done (DDI & consultant policy recs on Comp Plan, plus Mixed Use Zones, Design Overlays (DOZA), etc.

Community Perceptions of Development – Read about the PSU Division Perceptions Survey to hear what 300 community members had say about Division’s redevelopment – positive and not so positive, what places are special and should be preserved, and what visions community members have for the future.

Please contact us at or by signing up below to hear updates on community design and development issues or to find out how to get involved.

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